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We Support Sensible Drinking

Although beer bongs can be great entertainment, if misused they can become dangerous. That is why we urge you to take precautions when using any of our products and when consuming alcohol.

Alcohol Limits

The government recommends that people do not exceed the following units per day.

  • Men – 3-4 units
  • Women – 2-3 units
  • Pregnant women and women trying for a baby should avoid drinking any alcohol

These recommendations are for people who drink most days of the week. It is also recommended to have at least 2 days out of the week where you do not drink at all.

Drinking More Than Recommended

If you drink in excess of your daily recommendations, daily, you are more prone to develop medical diseases in later life such as heart disease, liver disease and cancer. This does not mean however you can enjoy a beer every now and then.

When using our products

If you intend to use any of our products with alcohol we suggest that you use low percentage beer or even non-alcoholic and under no circumstance would we advice the intake of any spirits or hard alcohol when using our products.

Know your limits and under no circumstances drive any vehicles with any amount of alcohol in your system. Remember: you are endangering not only your own life but life’s of others.