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Van Damme and Coors Light – What More do You Need? Van Damme and Coors Light – What More do You Need? Hot

 “Did you think that was a tear?” and “My nipples were so cold, they started talking to me” should be quotes that go down in history. Just as Jean-Claude does something you don’t expect, he out trumps himself. The arrival of him in the new Coors Light adverts was no exception either, where you can see him rocking a mullet just like in Time Cop and wearing denim while in the mountains. 

Haha Van Damme, what a legend!

Growing up to Van Damme

Growing up in the nineties meant one thing: watching Jean-Claude Van Damme films on Channel 5 on Fridays at 9pm – those were the days. With such classics as Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Time Cop, A.W.O.L (we could go on and on) we actually looked forward to the weekend to see Mr. Claude in action. Even watching his films that on many occasions were reruns was fine by us. In fact, even to date we love flicking through the TV to be greeted by one of his movies, which strangely seem to be on sister channels of Channel 5. We wonder if they have a contract deal with him, haha.

Then came the news that Jean-Claude was going to be the official face of Coors Light which in itself should have created a tiny black hole that would have wiped out the world as we know it. Just like in Time Cop when McComb met his past self and both of them occupied the same space cancelling each other out.

What Makes Coors Light So Epic

As we have established that Van Damme is one of the best actors going and is defiantly the best 90s action-hero of the 90s, we now need to establish the awesomeness of Coors Light. 

What, you don’t like a warm beer? What kind of a person are you? No, we are only joking (smiley face) if you are going to man a beer it has to be cold and as you never know how cold your beer is, you could do something stupid like us and put it in the freezer to cool quicker to then find it has iced up. The only thing worse than a cold beer is a beer you can’t drink as it is as solid as Van Damme’s bicep (see what we did there?) That is where the state of the art technology comes in. The mountains on Coors Light bottles will actually turn blue when the beer is at the optimum drinking temperature.

The “Light” in Coors Light is not there just to make the beer sound better than it is or to make the name longer, it actually means something. Light means less calories which in turn means not only do you not get as bloated, but you don’t pile on the pounds which could turn into the dreaded “beer gut”.

Short and Sweet

The takeaways from this article are simple: If you are going to watch a film, make sure Van Damme stars in it. If you are going to drink a beer, make sure Coors Light is written on the bottle. In fact, how about a Van Damme and Coors Light party? Don’t forget to give us a holler and don’t forget the beer bong!

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Van Damme and Coors Light – What More do You Need? 2012-07-25 12:49:50 John
Commented by John    July 25, 2012

Van Damme Is The Man

"Hello. Yes, I am Van Damme. My pants froze, and froze hard. So tight. Even thinking about it takes me back... Have you ever seen a man-penguin walk after an intense mating season? Have you? ... Even that was nothing compared to the ice-cold refreshment of a Coors Light..."