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Double Tubed Beer Bong

If you and a friend have every wanted to do a beer bong together without dishing out for two separate beer bongs then The Double Header Beer Bong is for you!

Imagine rolling up to the part with this beer bong flung over your shoulders, you are going to get immediate attention from curious people who have never seen nor heard of such a device.

The double header funnel bong is for those of you who want to go head to head or simply share a beer or two with a friend. The bong comes with 2 x tubes so you and a friend can share the moment together.

If you were to purchase more than one Double Header Beer Bong you could have teams where groups of two could compete to see who could down their bong first.  Are you ready for the beer bong challenge? Because the beer bong allows for multiple users you can take the party and bro’s night in to the extreme

Have you chosen your beer bong partner yet?

How to Use the Double Header Beer Bong

The Double Header Beer Bong works on the same principle as the Single Header Beer Bong but just with an added piece of tubing. Make sure both on/off taps are in the off position. Pour beer into the funnel of the beer bong. You and a friend get ready underneath your chosen mouth piece while someone lifts the funnel higher. When you and your friend are ready, both of you open your valves and get ready to down!

Double Header Beer Bong Features

  • Double the tubes which means twice the fun
  • Easy to dismantle to wash
  • Instant party hit



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