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Double Bottle Beer Bong

What’s that, you want to do a keg stand at the next party? Sorry, but that’s nothing new. What you need to impress your friends is downing two beers at the same time.

If you have two bottles of beer and you only have time to drink one then don’t worry. Simple attached both of them to a double bottle beer bong and chug away!

The Double Bottle Beer Bong works on the same principle as the Single Bottle Beer Bong, but instead of only being able to attach the one bottle of beer at a time you can attached two simultaneously. In a matter of seconds both bottles of beer will seem to magically disappear in the front of your eyes and your friend’s jaws will hit the floor in amazement.

How to use the double bottle beer bong:

Setting up the Double Bottle Beer Bong can be a little more tricky than setting up the single one, but you will get there…we promise. Simple attach one bottle at a time by sliding the longer pieces of the blue vent-hose into each beer and making sure each beer is attached firmly to the green part of the bong. Take a finger from each hand and block the vent-hoses that are sticking out, grab the beer bong now firmly with the rest of your hands making sure to grasp the necks of the beers as well. Now go to down your beers and remember to remove your fingers of the vent-hoses when you are ready to chug.

Beer Bong Features:

  • Allows you to down to beers simultaneously
  • Fits most standard bottle necks
  • Easy to carry around with you
  • Easy to clean
  • No more foaming beers
  • Will make you a hit at your next bro get-together



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