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Can Beer Bong

Funnel bongs and bottle bongs are too predictable at a party, what aren’t are beer can bongs! As soon as you reveal one of these bad boys at a party everyone will be begging for a go.

Who has time nowadays to take the time to sip a full can of beer? With beer can bongs you could have finished your can before finishing this sentence.

Many people are aware of funnel bongs and less know of bottle bongs, but what most people are unaware of are can beer bongs.  Just like bottle bongs, beer can bongs are small enough to carry anywhere with you so you will be a hit at the next party!

How to use the beer can bong

Just like our bottle bong, our beer can bongs consist of two parts, the snap on bong itself and a green vent-hose.  Just place your desired beer can on a flat surface, place the green vent-hose in your beer and push down on the pocket beer can bong so it snaps on your can.  Now place your finger over the external vent-hose, now go to drink your beer and let go of the vent-hose when you wish to down your beer.

Remember to allow the can bong cylinder to fill with beer before letting go of the vent hose.

Can Beer Bong Features:

  • Fits most standard beer cans
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Eliminates foam caused by pouring into a glass
  • Simple to use




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