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Bongzilla Beer Bong Drinking Funnel
Bongzilla Beer Bong Drinking Funnel
Bongzilla Beer Bong Used by People
Bongzilla Beer Bong With Packaging
Bongzilla Beer Bong With Model
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Bongzilla Beer Bong

Introducing Bongzilla, the 6 man and only beer bong you will ever need! As beer funnels go, Bongzilla is the godfather of them all. With 6 tubes and an adjustable height pole it will make any upcoming party complete.

Product Features

  • Adjustable height pole – adjusts up to 6 feet
  • 1 – 6 people can use it
  • Comes complete with 6 funnel plugs to plug unused tubes
  • Each tube has its own on/off tap
  • Tubes made out of flexi-hose
  • Comes complete with stand and base
  • Holds up to 5.3 pints
  • Hoses will glow under UV lighting


Introducing the latest in beer bong technology! Bongzilla, The 6 man beer bong is the only one of its kind and if you are throwing a party or social gathering then this is definitely the bong to make people talk about the event for years to come! It is no wonder why is has started to be a permanent fixture in houses and parties.

Bongzilla is the only funnel beer bong that will allow 1 to 6 people to drink simultaneously. Forget about single funnel bongs that only allow one user at a time, now you can get everyone at the party involved.

With an adjustable height pole that can be adjusted up to 6 feet it doesn't matter if your drinking buddy is 6ft 5, or 3ft 2, just adjust the pole accordingly

If you only have 5 friends but you still want to purchase this product then do not worry. It comes with 6 handy funnel plugs so you can simply plug in the tubes that are not in use.

How to Use The Beer Bong

Make sure you are aware of how many people will be taking part and plug any tubes with the provided plugs that are not going to be used. Make sure ALL taps are in the off position. Lower the stand so you are able to comfortably able to pour beer into the funnel. Make sure everyone participating is aware of how much beer will be used. Now adjust the pole to the appropriate height so everyone is comfortable. Everyone get ready at their taps and after a countdown each participant much opens their on/off values at the same time and down the beer. If at any time you are unable to down any more beer make sure your tap is turned off.




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