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18ft Balcony Funnel Bong

As you can see from our nice model, the 18ft balcony bong can fit around the average person a good 5 times which means it is much longer than your typical funnel beer bong. Perfect for balcony and over long distances.

From chugging a beer by the pool side while someone is in the hotel room on the floor above, or simply wrapping it around yourself while you down your beer, this 18ft beer bong will keep you and your friends amused and entertained.

If standard beer bong tubing length is just too standard for you or is simply too short then 18ft of beer bong tubing will blow your mind! Just like a regular funnel bong, but with an insane about of extra tubing!

But I have not got a balcony?

It does not matter if you don’t own a balcony as a balcony is only one instance where the extra long tubing would come in handy, there are many other uses as well: down a flight of stairs, if someone is too lazy to go get a beer from another room, even from the top of a van. After a few beers we are sure you will come up with some creative ways.

How to Use the 18ft Balcony Bong

As the tubing is 18 feet, it is highly recommended that someone helps you pouring the beer into the funnel and holds the beer bong funnel while you chug. Then again, if you are using the beer bong for a balcony then you already know this. Make sure the valve is set to the off position. Get your friend to pour the beer into the funnel (make sure they pour it at an angle – if they don’t, call them an idiot as you are about to drink froth). Get your mouth ready at the mouth piece and open the valve when you are ready! Oh, remember to shout to your friends on the balcony when you are ready so they can cheer you on.

Beer Bong Features

  • 18ft long tubing
  • On/off value
  • Easy to dismantle and clean



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