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Welcome to Beer Bong Bros!

We sell a range of beer bongs/funnels to the UK, from the bog standard can bong to the double header beer bong funnel. Take your time, have a look around our online store. Oh, and if you have any quires please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our aim is to treat ever new customer as if they were our first. We want you to be 100% satisfied with all purchases no matter how big or small.

Featured Beer Bongs

Can Beer BongDouble Bottle Beer BongGlow in the Dark Beer BongBalcony BongDouble Tubed Beer BongBongzilla Beer Bong


Hello, fellow bros and welcome to Beer Bong Bros! If you are wanting to buy a wide range of beer bongs and related drinking gear and live in the UK then go no further.

Beer bongs, also referred to as beer funnels are an instant hit at social gathering, party, BBQ, Stag Night and more. Whatever the occasion, just make sure you and your fellow bros are keeping the event going with one! Remember: A party isn’t a party unless you buy one. oh, and remember – please drink responsibly when drinking alcohol!

We only ship to the UK Mainland currently.